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August 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Sullivan Township Board Meeting Minutes    August 4, 2022

Meeting was called to order by Tony Mabrito at 5:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Present: Tony Mabrito-Supervisor, Libby Spencer-Clerk, Tracey McGhan-Treasurer, Joe Kremm-Trustee, John Carr-Trustee; along with 8 Residents in attendance

MINUTES:  It was moved by John Carr, and was supported by Libby Spencer, to accept the minutes of the regular meeting held.  Motion carried.

FINANCE:  The Treasurer’s report on all Township receipts of $4,659.33 for the period of May 1, 2022, to May 31, 2022, was presented by Treasurer Tracey McGhan.  It was moved by Joe Kremm, supported by Libby Spencer, to pay bills of $27,195.52 as presented by Clerk Libby Spencer.  Motion carried.

Planning Commission – John Carr reported that the Zoning Board of Appeals Process was reviewed                                                                                                                                                                  Michigan Township Services and Fresh Coast Planning Activities were reviewed.

OLD BUSINESS: Hard Surfacing of Hile-Broton-Cline Road Project was discussed at great length.  The 47 property owners will be splitting the cost of the project and will be receiving a contract in the mail within the next week.  The property owners will have until November 1st to pay the $548 cost that is their share of the project.  If this is not paid this by deadline, it will be added to their December Property tax bill.

Mennonite Church has rented hall for Aug 14, 21 and 28 while they are looking to purchase a building of their own.

NEW BUSINESS: Certified letters and a copy of our ORV Ordinance was sent to all neighboring townships, MCRC, DNR and the MPD

International Maintenance Code has been purchased and will be voted on next meeting.

Budget Amendments for FY2022/2023 were reviewed and passed to cover the clerk’s laptop, PC training and our Ordinance Enforcement Officer.

Renovation Estimates for the upper level of the Hall were reviewed, Tracey McGhan moved that we accept the bid by RJM Remodeling contingent material list and contract agreement. Joe Kremm support and it passed with a 4-1 voted.

Township Owned Land was reviewed, and it was voted by the board to designate all township property as park land.  This will make it recreational for pedestrians, horseback riding, bicycles.  No motorized vehicles such as ATVs with a 54” or smaller axle width and snowmobiles are allowed on Township Property.  We will be discussing an open area for ORV use at next month’s meeting.

A Cemetery Plotting Quote from Via Vista Mapping was presented for $12,120.  We will place our Cemetery on the waiting list for next Spring while we search for a comparable vendor.

ORV Ordinance revision option was requested by Joe Kremm to include the short distant on Hts Ravenna Road between the fair grounds and the McCormick’s gas station.  We will reach out to the MCRC to see if this is possible.  It was also discussed the need to revise the golf cart resolution or add it to the ORV Ordinance.

DISCUSSION: John Carr research a strip of land on the north side of Sheringer that is 100ft deep and is owned by the township. The property owners adjacent to this land are currently using it as their own and have been for several years.  These 3 residents will be invited to next month’s meeting to discuss the options related to this property.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: The residents living on the Hile-Broton-Cline project asked if the MCRC to limit the speed on these roads to 35mph.  We will ask the MCRC.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to come before the Board, it was moved by Libby Spencer, supported by Joe Kremm to adjourn at 7:05 pm.  Motion carried.

Libby Spencer, Sullivan Township Clerk


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