Sullivan Township

November 1, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Sullivan Township Board Meeting Minutes November 1, 2022

Meeting was called to order by Tony Mabrito at 5:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Present: Tony Mabrito-Supervisor, Libby Spencer-Clerk, Tracey McGhan-Treasurer, Joe Kremm-Trustee, John Carr-Trustee    Two residents were also present.

MINUTES:   John Carr would like us to consider putting in a platform lift versus a chair lift during the renovation of the upstairs hall.  The bid for adding the top coat to the Sullivan Township Park parking lot was also discussed.  It was moved by Joe Kremm, supported by John Carr, to accept the minutes of the regular meeting held.  Motion carried.

FINANCE:  The Treasurer’s report on all Township receipts of $2,813.76 for the period of October 1, 2022, to October 31, 2022, was presented by Treasurer Tracey McGhan.  It was moved by Joe Kremm, supported by Tracey, to pay bills of $84,950.85 as presented by Clerk Libby Spencer.  Motion carried.

REPORTS: Planning Commission – John Carr reported the Storage Container Ordinance draft is being reviewed by the PC members.

CORRESPONDENCE: Fresh Coast Planning Activity was reviewed

OLD BUSINESS: Sheringer Road Property 100ft ownership is still being investigated

MCRC strongly recommended not opening Wolf Lake Rd to ORV traffic due to the higher speed limit and visibility created by the hilly terrain.

John Carr presented three alternate Sullivan Lake Park Connection to Trail Quotes.  The Board voted to approve the West Michigan Dirt Works bid for $25,152.61 with 4 ayes and 1 abstain.

NEW BUSINESS: Muskegon County Solid Waste Cards for 3 free trips to the dump will be provided to the Residents of Sullivan township in their Tax bills this December.  The card may be used anytime during the year 2023 during regular business hours.  Mattresses, large pieces of furniture, etc. will be added cost to the resident.

Hunting on Township Property is permitted by the residents.  Please make sure you have an ID proving this if stopped by the authorities.

Our Grant Writer, Judy Kell, is working on a grant to cover the Sullivan Lake Park development.  A Resolution for $100,000 Grant was unanimously passed by the board.  Some of the projects being looked at are picnic tables and shelter, bike racks and repair station, extend power for site lighting and installing a fence or barrier to prevent access to private property outside the park boundaries.

Resolution to Amend the Highway Fund from the FY2021-2022 Budget was also unanimously approved.

DISCUSSION/ANNOUNCMENTS:  John Carr requested the township investigate setting up the option for escrow accounts for large projects in our township.

John Carr brought up the concern that we may have a conflict of interest with having a couple members on the planning commission and the zoning board of appeals.

John would also like us to improve our response time on complaints being made to the township.  It is unclear to the residents making the complaint whether their issue is being worked on or not.

ADJOURNMENT:  It was moved by Libby Spencer supported by Tracey McGhan to adjourn at 7:24pm.  Motion carried.

Libby Spencer, Sullivan Township Clerk


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