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May 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Sullivan Township Board Meeting Minutes   May 4, 2023

Meeting was called to order by Tony Mabrito at 5:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: Present: Tony Mabrito-Supervisor, Libby Spencer-Clerk, Tracey McGhan-Treasurer, Joe Kremm-Trustee, Jeremy Rios-Trustee,  15 residents were also present.

MINUTES:  It was moved by Jeremy Rios, supported by Libby Spencer, to accept the minutes of the regular meeting held. Motion carried.

FINANCE:  The Treasurer’s report on all Township receipts of $88,922.10 for the period of April 1, 2023, to April 30, 2023, was presented by Treasurer Tracey McGhan.  It was moved by Libby Spencer, supported by Tracey McGhan, to pay bills of $22,403.59 as presented by Clerk Libby Spencer. Motion Carrie

REPORTS: Planning Commission – Jeremy Rios reported that the Pond Ordinance and the Shipping Container Ordinance will be ready for a public Hearing this May at their regular meeting.

-Michigan Township Services were reviewed by the board

OLD BUSINESS: The 100ft ownership on Sheringer Rd between Barnes and Sullivan is ready to be relinquished to the three property owners. They will need to sign the Quit Claim Deeds at the office to record and complete this transaction.

-The Abandonment of Sheringer Rd between Carr and Wolf Lake has been recommended by the MCRC and our Lawyer. It is up to the property owners to grant each other easements to their property along the abandoned road/two track legally through an attorney. This agreement does not involve the township.

-Maple Island/Private Street approval would require the property owners to Name the road, build a solid base and follow all the building and zoning guidelines.  This road would be maintained by the property owners.

BUSINESS: Michigan Township Services contacted us to let us now that Fruitport Twp has increased their Permit Fees so that we may inform our residents.

-The Tire Recycling Grant not awarded to Sullivan Tw this year.  It would cost the township roughly $1900 to hold the tire recycling event on our own.  Tony moved to approve the event, it was supported by Joe Kremm.  Motion carried.  WE WILL BE HOLDING TIRE RECYCLING LATER THIS YEAR.

-There are 7 test wells located in the old dump sites that have been in use for the past several years.  All wells are on township property and will now be capped and buried. The ground on these sites are unbuildable due to contamination from the old dumps.

-The option of outsourcing our Tax Bill Process was reviewed and discussed. IT would cost an additional $200-$400 to outsource and include a Township Newsletter. No Decision has been made.

-The Township’s Investment Report was reviewed.  Interest has actually risen slightly.

-Penninsula Fiber Optics has submitted a Metro Act Permit Application to run fiber optics along Sternberg, Halstad and Ellis Roads.  This was denied due to a lack of clarity on how this would affect our residents.

-Four Quotes for a new Furnaces were reviewed, Joe Kremm mentioned the efficiency of having a heat pump furnace.  The board agreed to research this option before deciding.

-The Hall Renovation is progressing. The two bathrooms and bar area are framed.  The ceiling, LED lights and insulation are nearly complete.  The plumbing will be run tomorrow, and the drywall is being hung.

-West Michigan Dirt Works contract was approved last fall and will start the trail connection in June.   —Bob’s Asphalt Paving was also approved last fall to finish the final layer of pavement on the parks parking lot.  They will be working on this project soon.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: A resident voiced several concerns that she has about our current noise ordinance.  It was agreed that the Ordinance will be reviewed again and possibly a public hearing should be held before approving a new one.

-A resident requested utilizing the Website to share the Agenda of Board Meetings a day prior to each meeting.  This is a reasonable request, and we will attempt to do so, understanding that some times the agenda changes the day of the meeting.

-A resident presented the Board with a proposal to allow limited access for ORVs on Sullivan Township land.  The board agreed to review the proposal but also expressed the concerns of the abuse and damage that occurred in the past by disrespectful ORV and four-wheel drive vehicle owners.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to discuss, it was moved by Tony Mabrito, supported by Tracey McGhan, to adjourn at 6:45 pm.  Motion carried.

Libby Spencer, Sullivan Township Clerk


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