Sullivan Township

Sullivan Township


Township Board

(Four Year Term)
Supervisor, Tony Mabrito  –  231-853-6900
Clerk, Libby Spencer
Treasurer, Tracey McGhan
Trustee, Joe Kremm
Trustee, Jeremy Rios

Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month and begin at 5:30 PM.

Sullivan Township Supervisor

Tony Mabrito
Office Phone: 231-853-6900

The Township Supervisor moderates board and annual meetings.  Chief Assessing Officer, Secretary to Board of Review.  He is the Townships legal agent and must maintain records of supervisor’s office. The Township Supervisor appoints some commission members and may call special meetings.

Sullivan Township Clerk

Libby Spencer
Office Phone: 231-853-6900

The Township Clerk serves as the administrator of all township elections and, by law, serves as the Secretary to the Township Board and keeper of all official Board records.

Things to Remember When Going to the Polls to Vote

You must show one of the following types of photo ID at the polls in order to vote:  The ID must be current – Driver’s License, Personal Identification card issued by the state, Federal or State government issued photo identification, U.S. Passport, Military Identification card with photo, Student identification with photo – from a high school or accredited institution of higher education or Tribal identification card with photo OR the voter may sign an affidavit form.

If you have any questions regarding the voting process, please call Libby Spencer, Clerk, or visit the Michigan Voter Information Center website.

FOIA:  This year the State of Michigan Government changed the FOIA requirements.  Among those changes are requirements for each township to have adopted written Procedures and Guidelines to implement the FOIA, along with a written Public Summary explaining how the township’s FOIA process works.  Click the button below for more information and forms.

Sullivan Township Treasurer

Tracey McGhan
Office Phone: 231-853-6900

The township treasurer shall receive and take charge of money belonging to the township, or that is by law required to be paid into the township treasury, and shall pay over and account for the money, according to the order of the township board, or the authorized officers of the township.

Planning Commission

Chairman, Tom Anton
Secretary, Heather Rios
Board Liaison, Jeremy Rios
Member, Jim Kotecki
Member, Tom Jasick
Member, Glenn Gustafson
Member, Butch Michelli

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 PM. Special Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Parks Committee

Member, Libby Spencer
Member, Mike Adams

Please call the office for dates and times.

Board of Review

Tony Mabrito
Tom Jasick
Butch Michelli
Dale Ferguson

Fire Department


Located At
3368 Black Creek Rd.
Muskegon, MI 49444

Phone: 231-773-9312
Fax: 231-773-7139

Contact the Chief:
Contact the Fire Inspector:

“To provide excellent life and property safety to the community. To educate the public of it’s role in fire safety. To safely and efficiently extinguish fires. To provide emergency medical, hazardous material, and other services consistent with a leadership role in a modern fire department.”

Building Department

Building permits for Sullivan Township are provided by Michigan Township Services. Their office, which is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., is located in Fruitport; they can be reached at 231-865-3310 or 1 800-722-4145.

Assessing Department

Muskegon County Equalization Department

Max Devoogd
Phone: 231-724-6929

Following is a link to all special drain assessment rolls, by property:

Zoning Administration

Fresh Coast Planning

Fresh Coast Planning will now be taking care of all our zoning and code enforcement.

950 Taylor Ave Ste 200
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Zoning Board of Appeals

Tony Mabrito Bryan Douglas Butch Michelli John Judd        Tom Anton   Meetings are set per application submission.